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Exclusive: Peter Fury reacts to Tyson retirement talk

Fury, 27, stated to Costello: “I’m struggling to get motivated. I could walk away. I could just sail into the sunset unbeaten with all the belts and live a normal life,” whilst adding that fighting ‘wasn’t about money’ and that whatever he goes on to achieve will never match up to his victory over Wladimir Klitschko in 2015.

WBN contacted Peter on Thursday to get his side on the matter as a second fight with Klitschko hangs in the balance. Coach Fury agrees with Tyson’s view of not continuing on for monetary reasons and states that he is behind any decision the top division king will make going forward.

“Whatever Tyson wants to do is ok with me and I will support him no matter if he boxed on or quit. I would rather Tyson quit the sport than fight on for the money,” Fury exclusively told World Boxing News.

“He’s achieved a dream, but to maintain that dream sacrifice always has to be made – just like how he achieved that dream in the first place.”

On whether he thinks Tyson will retire, Peter added: “I’m sure after careful thought Tyson will do what’s best for him.

“For me, he’s already the best heavyweight in the world and nothing can ever take that night in Germany away from him.”

As Fury mulls over what path he will take in his career, a contracted return with Klitschko continues to stall. A date of late May had been discussed by Peter on WBN previously, although that would more likely be June or July given the time frame that has since lapsed.

Everything hinges on Fury’s final career verdict though as Klitschko and his team wait with baited breath to discover whether they will eventually have a redemption chance to reclaim the belts.