David Haye: Let Frank Bruno have a fair fight!

David Haye

Clare Balding Show

Rejuvenated heavyweight contender David Haye has waded into the debate on Frank Bruno following news that the British Boxing Board of Control would not license the veteran to fight.

Bruno announced his intention to return to boxing despite being retired for almost twenty years as the 54 year-old struggles to cope with ongoing mental issues since hanging up his gloves.

Having been sectioned, diagnosed with bipolar and prescribed a mass of prescription drugs in the past, Bruno has been training in the gym every day in order to be considered for another bout in the top division.

Reacting to Bruno’s wishes aired on This Morning on Monday, Haye spoke to ITV News in response.

“If he feels he’s got more to prove – if he wants to do it – if it give him a reason to get up in the morning – I know how was on some heavy drugs to get his mental state, anti-depressants, etc. Hopefully he can get rid of those and get in the gym get a routine,” said Haye.

“We’re not going to try and put him in against any type of world killers. I wouldn’t fight him, he’s my hero – I remember staying up all night long watching him fight.

“I want him get in the ring with someone else who’s 54 so he can have a fair fight. As long as it’s regulated, as long as they’re well screen medically before, during and after make sure everything is tip top, it gives him a reason to get up in the morning and fight – who are to tell another man he can’t do it,” he added.

In amazing shape for his age, Bruno was recently pictured putting in work with Ricky Hatton at his gym in Hyde.