Rivas shocked by Phiri in historic judging by Caiz siblings; Alvarez stops Winchester in Rosarito

Zanfer 31/01/2016


With confusion reigning, Catherine Phiri, originally from Zambia, became world champion by beating Mexican Yazmín “Rusita” Rivas by majority technical decision at the end of the sixth round.

The contest formed the main event of the show presented Zanfer in Rosarito and marked the climax of the WBC Women’s Convention held in Tijuana.

Phiri (11-1-0, 5 KOs) was aggressive, accurate and throwing a lot of punches, although Rivas possessed the better technical quality in what was an interesting contest. Rivas (34-9-0 14 KOs) fought gallantly despite her opponent’s offense and she always looked to finish the bout early.

In an exchange of blows in the sixth, the fighters clashed heads and Rivas suffered a cut over her right eyebrow. At the end of the round, the ringside physician, Ernesto Franco reviewed the gash and recommended the contest should be stopped, so referee Raul Caiz determined the result had to be defined in the cards.

In a historical turn of events and for the first time, the three judges were children of the referee as brothers Sergio and Raul Jr scored the outcome 58-56 and 59-55, both in favor of Phiri, whilst sister Carla had the couple tied 57-57 to declare a victory for the new champion.

phiri zanfer2

“I wanted to continue but the doctor would not allow it. I definitely want a rematch to regain my title, “Rivas said after the verdict.

In the co-feature, Ramon “Innocent” Alvarez was precise and powerful to knock out James Winchester in the ninth round.

Alvarez (23-4-0, 15 KOs) controlled the action and hurt his opponent repeatedly, but Winchester (17-11-1, 6 KOs) gave a performance to the crowd as he shouted, opened his guard, laughed and even did some dance steps at times.

The fight could have ended in the sixth round, but ultimately came at 2:16 of the ninth round when Winchester was on the ropes and Alvarez forced the referee to declare a TKO.

ramon alvarez zanfer

Also on the bill, Luis Nery made it to 18-0 by defeating  Humberto “Chato” Morales in the fifth round, whilst Raja Amasheh (19-0-0, 4 KOs) won by unanimous decision over Hawaiian Eileen Olszewski (10-6-1).


Catherine Phiri TMD6 Yazmin Rivas
(Word WBC Bantamweight Title)

Ramon Alvarez TKO9 James Winchester
(Superwelterweight NABF Title)

Raja Amasheh UD10 Eileen Olszweski
(WBC Silver Flyweight World Title)

Ana Arrazola UD10 Hernandez Anely
(WBC Silver Jr. Flyweight World Championship)

Luis Nery TKO5 Luis Humberto Morales
Elvis Torres TKO1 Rivers Rosalío
Silvia Torres UD6 Joselyn Reza
Sandra Robles TKO3 Luz Rodriguez
Raul Geraldo TKO4 Cristian Felix
Javier González TKO1 Javier Miranda