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Ex-world champ Imamu Mayfield plotting cruiserweight comeback at 43

That bout took place on a big show that was headlined by the rematch that saw Evander Holyfield defeat Michael Moorer.

Mayfied would make once defense before being stopped by Arthur Williams. Mayfield would go on to have some success by winning the USBA Cruiserweight title, but all and all he was just 7-7-2 since losing the title which includes losing his last three bouts (two to future world champions Krzysztof Wlodarczyk and Alexander Povetkin).

That was in 2008, fast forward 8-years and the now 43 year-old native of Freehold, New Jersey is planning a comeback.

“I own a gym and have been training fighters for the most part,” said the well-spoken Mayfield.

“After being away from the ring, I feel now that the time is right. I have had enough time to realize this is what I want to do. Now I am back with the people who started with me and took me to the title.”

“Those people are manager Vinny LaManna and trainer Charles Johnson.”

“Imamu and I have had great success together, when Mayfield and I got together it was from the untimely death of his longtime trainer manager Curtis Ford,”stated manger Vinny LaManna.

“Curtis did all the work, I just happened to have the relationship with then power house promoter Don King. I take no credit for any of Curtis great efforts , and it’s a shame Curtis couldn’t see all of his hard work that came together when the opportunity presented itself. I have always believed in Imamu’s skills , I truly believe he will be a force in the cruiser or heavyweight division.”

There were various times in the last 8 years that Mayfield was close to returning, but the timing just wasn’t right.

“I reached out through the years to make a comeback, but I could not make it happen. Different people inquired, but now I am back with the people who I trust and am Comfortable with.”

“I could have continued in 2008, but I wasn’t taking the right fights for the right reasons. I was being used as a steppingstone and I felt I was better than that.”

Mayfield is now fighting for different reasons.

“I am fighting for the love of boxing and want to get back to the position of being on top of the mountain.”

Towards the end of his career, Mayfield fluctuated between Cruiserweight and Heavyweight. In his time off, he has stayed in good shape and he does not see a lot of time before he is a Cruiserweight contender again.

“I am at 230 pounds now. When I fight in a couple months, I should be about 220. With each passing fight, I am going to work my way down to 200.”

While he shrinks down in weight, Mayfield sees a lot of growth in the sport that he left nearly a decade ago.

“There has been a lot of good in boxing. The sport is on the upswing. The Cruiserweight division looks competitive and I can compete with those guys. If I truly did not believe that, I would not be doing this. I still have the skills, but now I have the wisdom. My body is pretty preserved and I think I have a good shot at getting the Apple.”

“I am looking forward to getting back in there. I have always had a good fan base and a good team. Before, i would have to travel two or three hours to just train. Now I have my own gym. It isn’t only me, but my wife and family love this idea of me trying to do some great things in boxing and become world champion again.”