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Home » Kovalev takes Pascal fight personally, comments on Ward

Kovalev takes Pascal fight personally, comments on Ward

The 32 year-old is pitted against Pascal for a second time despite a convincing stoppage the first time around but says the personal nature of the fight gives him extra motivation to win in better fashion.

“I don’t have any plans for the fight. We will go to the ring. A boxing fight is a street fight. No rules. It doesn’t matter what he will bring. I must be ready for anything,” said Kovalev.

“I don’t think about Pascal. I don’t think about what he will be. He has good motivation and he has a new coach, but I just should be ready for anything. If he will bring something better, it doesn’t matter.

“This fight is personal fight. It is something personal for me. It is not everything true that he is speaking. I understand for why he is doing this. He is trying to make me angry. I am giving him a reminder. I didn’t do my job last time. I should have stopped his career.”

A win for Kovalev sets up another defense in June before ‘Krusher’ then battles Andre Ward in a mouth-watering contest around November time.

“Andre ward is a great boxer. I am very happy he came to my division and we can make a very good fight for the fans. I want to fight with him, but now I have to stay focused on my next fight with Jean Pascal,” he said.