‘You couldn’t think of a better fighting name – Tyson Fury’

Tyson Fury


Tyson Fury’s destiny was set from birth as father John explained to David Scott on HBO’s Real Sports televised on Tuesday night in the United States.

In an interesting feature on the current top division king, HBO delved into the beginnings of Fury from birth and how he came to don the first name of the former ‘Baddest Man on the Planet’ – Mike Tyson.

In 1988 when Fury was born, Tyson ruled the heavyweight ranks with an iron fist and handing down the name meant one of the greatest fighting names was written into all-time history, according to the man himself.

“My last name is Fury, so you couldn’t think of a better fighting name, could you? Tyson Fury – It’s almost like somebody made it up,” Fury told Scott.

John added his view on why he gave his son that specific and famous name when Tyson was born three months premature amidst fears for his life: “My hands aren’t small, but I tell you what – you could have fit him in that comfortable,” Fury Sr. said pointing to his hand.

“But even from that small I could feel a little bit of life in him and I thought, ‘yep, you’re alright.’

“(I told the doctor) He’d grow to nearly seven feet tall, almost twenty stone and the new heavyweight champion of the world and he started laughing at me, so I named him Tyson after the current heavyweight champion of the world,” he added.

The full episode will be available on the HBO YouTube channel soon. Watch the preview below by HBO Sports.