British Board conclude interview with Tyson Fury over controversy

The 27-year-old repeated his views upon defeating Wladimir Klitschko in Dusseldorf and faced a media backlash in the aftermath.

Fury’s public statements forced the Board to call the fighter to discuss his behavior, not for the first time. General Secretary Robert Smith released the following statement on Wednesday.

Before the interview, Fury had already made a public apology.

The Stewards of the British Boxing Board of Control have interviewed Tyson Fury on Tuesday, 26th January 2016, following recent comments made in the media.

Tyson Fury has made comments in the media that have offended members of our society. However, there is no suggestion that he has broken the law by exercising his right to freedom of expression. In such circumstances, the Stewards of the British Boxing Board of Control have been advised not to interfere with his basic human rights.

Having said that, the Stewards of the Board have made it clear to him that as World Heavyweight Champion, arguably the holder of the most prestigious title in the sport, there are heavy responsibilities upon him to avoid making controversial, non-boxing comments. He has assured the Stewards that he understands his responsibilities and regrets offending others, which was never his intention.