Sulaiman advises Vargas, Miura against immediate rematch

WBC 26/01/2016
vargas miura fukuda

Naoki Fukuda

Although there’s no issue with a direct rematch between Francisco “Bandido” Vargas and Takashi Miura, World Boxing Council President Mauricio Sulaiman is advising them to each take another fight before re-uniting, re-kindling and re-igniting their primary primed confrontation.

Their first ring war, last November 21st, crystallized into pure essence drama every step and punch of the way, was overwhelmingly voted WBC Fight Of the Year. 

In round one, Vargas came swarming out, catching Miura with a wicked right hook, wobbled him, and coming within an ace of decking him. Badly hurt, a Champion’s pride kept WBC super featherweight king Miura upright. He toughed up and then fought his way back to return the compliment dropping Vargas hard near the end of round four.

Vargas corner expertly stopped the swelling and stemmed the blood spill to a crescent shaped gash just above his left cheekbone. Things looked incredibly grim for the Mexican challenger, by the end of a torried round eight. But then he once again turned the tables at the beginning of the nine, dropping Miura with an awsome right and then harrying and backing him up with a cascade of combinations, obliging Referee Tony Weeks to save the increasingly battered Japanese warrior.