Smith accuses Kite of breach of contract for Hilt clash

TGW & Smithy 26/01/2016
Smithy TGW

THE CAMP OF TOOWOOMBA WELTERWEIGHT PROSPECT JAMIE HILT is disappointed his original opponent Ben Kite is scheduled to fight for a Queensland title against Mark Ramirez in March.

Kite withdrew from his bout with Hilt on the undercard of Paul Gallen vs Herman Ene-Purcell as a result of injury but in the mean time is scheduled to challenge Ramirez in March for the State strap.

“For starters it’s a complete breach of contract,” Hilt’s Manager Brendon Smith said.

“Under the contract Ben Kite signed, it clearly states you are unable to enter into any other bout whilst under contract to face Jamie Hilt. It’s pretty black and white.

“We will strongly oppose and contest the validity of any agreement that places Ben Kite in a State title fight after he’s withdrawn from a bout with Jamie Hilt as a result of injury.

“Under contract he needs to honour his agreement and face Jamie before anyone else.

“He has presented a medical certificate showing he’s unfit to compete until the end of January.

“We’re not disputing that, but under contract he needs to re-schedule a bout with Jamie Hilt within 90 days before fighting anyone else.

“We’re not happy with what has occurred and I will be speaking to the ANBF about the situation,” Smith said.

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Smith firmly believes Kite’s actions have severely disadvantaged Jamie Hilt.

“For one his withdrawal for January 29, means Jamie has to alter his preparation and prepare for a new fighter, which is never ideal.

“However we’re not complaining about that, we understand injuries happen and that’s far enough.

“But to be signed on for a State title fight against an opponent Jamie Hilt has already registered a draw against doesn’t sit well with us.

“Jamie deserves to be in one corner for a State title bout before Ben Kite does.

“Jamie has done everything right, yet he’s been put in a position of being disadvantaged.

“A win over new opponent Matt Te Paa on January 29 should set up an opportunity for a State title.

“Now if this fight goes ahead between Kite and Ramirez, Jamie has to sit and cool his heels.

“That shouldn’t be the case what so ever.

“I trust the ANBF will look into this and justice will prevail.

“The ANBF does a great job running boxing in this country and I’m confident leaving this one in their hands,” Smith ssa

Jamie Hilt’s trainer Craig Monagle expressed his disappointment in the situation.

“I feel Jamie deserves a State title shot before Ben Kite,” Monagle said.

“We were thinking a win over Ben on January 29 would catapult us into the Queensland title picture.

“Now if Ben Kite vs Mark Ramirez goes ahead we’re out of the picture.

“That shouldn’t be the case.

“With all that said – our sole focus is on Matt Te Paa this Friday night.

“We need a win here before we even think about titles.

“Jamie’s ready to go, this situation won’t distract him.

“Jamie’s a fighter and that’s all he’s worried about,” Monagle said.