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Amir Khan: Now is the right time to take the Kell Brook fight

The 29 year-old is set to be back in action this spring before eyeing a massive world title clash with Brook or old rival Danny Garcia.

Speaking from the Ten Goose Boxing Gym to WBN friend Elie Seckbach recently, Khan has stated for the first time that Brook is now on the forefront of his mind.

“Kell Brook, I’d love to take that fight,” said Khan. “At first, I used to say that it’s not the right time yet, but I think it’s the right time now to take the fight.”

On the reason behind the fight not happening, Khan added: “I think his promoter Eddie Hearn doesn’t want the fight. He wants to take these easy nights and make money. But what Kell Brook needs to realise is that he needs to step it up now. If he doesn’t take it now he might miss it and it’s a massive fight in the UK. I don’t want him to miss it.

“Why is he afraid? It’s one of the biggest fights in the UK. He could make history and needs to sign on the dotted line.”

Khan v Brook could conceivably fill Wembley Stadium in July and make millions from pay-per-view revenue in Great Britain, although judging by recent media spats between both camps, the fight is still off the boil for the time being.