Counter Punch Report: Gallen v Ene-Purcell II

TGW & Smithy 25/01/2016



When they met two years ago it had a bit if everything, will this one be the same? That’s the question we won’t know the answer to until the bell rings on January 29.

There is certain to be adjustments from the first bout. Gallen knows Ene-Purcell has knock out power, after all he did find himself on his backside in round one. He won’t want to get hit like that again this time around. Ene-Purcell learned Gallen has great recovery powers and if you offer him your chin he won’t miss…(if that doesn’t make sense to you – youtube the first fight and you will know what we’re talking about)

Gallen has publicly stated he feels he’s the better boxer, he’s fitter and he’s stronger than Ene-Purcell. Counter Punch wouldn’t totally agree. Gallen without a shadow of a doubt is the fitter but is he stronger? and is he the better boxer? That’s debatable.


PAUL GALLEN – Use his fitness. Gallen is super fit, you only have to watch how he plays rugby league. Gallen will expect a rush from Ene-Purcell early, he needs to weather the storm and as the rounds go by – the more the fight is to his advantage. He’s openly said he won’t run away from Ene-Purcell in the early rounds so that should provide plenty of fireworks. If he is on the front foot early defence is very important for Paul Gallen, like we said earlier he doesn’t want to run into another one of those left hooks like he did in round one of the first fight. However the longer the bout goes the more it’s going to suit Gallen.

HERMAN ENE-PURCELL – Controlled aggression and when he strikes – strike hard and don’t miss!!!!! Can Herman go five fast paced strong rounds? That’s the big question mark? After all he did knock up in the second round of fight one. Gallen will no doubt come forward with relentless pressure and he will throw plenty of punches so there will be no time to catch a mid round breather. How do you stop a man coming forward throwing plenty of punches? Sting him back! Herman needs to let Gallen know if you walk forward and press me you’re going to get hit and hit hard.He has the knock out power and he probably needs a knock out win the fight. He’s definitely capable of that, but if we get into rounds three, four and five that’s when Herman could be in trouble. Is he fitter for this one? He says he is – we’re going to find out on the night.


Intriguing one, exciting one and regardless of the outcome – the crowd will get value for money. Paul Gallen said Herman Ene-Purcell’s only chance of victory is KO. He’s probably right…Gallen has the fitness edge so the longer it goes the better. Ene-Purcell has the power edge so if he strikes with a clean shot it could be ‘good night nurse.’ Both boys are in astute camps. Paul Gallen is trained by Graham Shaw and Herman Ene-Purcell by Brendon Smith. They’re two of the best minds in the business, they’ll both have plans A,B,C,D and all the way to Z. Herman Ene-Purcell said in the press ‘waiting two years to grant him a rematch’ was Gallen’s biggest mistake because a lot of water has passed under the bridge since their initial bout. It certainly has..but has Ene-Purcell improved enough to reverse the result. It will either be revenge for the Herminator or repeat for the G Train. If the bout ends within two rounds Counterpunch believes it will be Ene-Purcell’s hand raised but if it ends in rounds 3,4 or 5 it will be Paul Gallen victorious.

Enjoy! In closing Counterpunch wants to applaud Brendon Smith for making this fight happen. The town of Toowoomba is buzzing! Many boxing sites and scribes didn’t think this bout was ever going to happen nor was it ever a possibility of taking place in Toowoomba…well the proof is in the pudding, CounterPunch has its tickets – front row!!!! We’ll be on the plane from Sydney on Thursday and enjoying this city Brendon Smith is always calling the ‘best in the world’ We wouldn’t miss it.