WBC Jose Sulaiman race: Third edition in aid of Prichard Colon

The third edition of the Jose Sulaiman race this Sunday morning has the important aim of helping stricken boxer Prichard Colon Melendez, who is fighting the most difficult bout of his life, breathing on his own, but still in a coma.

We want to sincerely thank all of our sponsors. Thanks to your wonderful, steadfast and supportive efforts and heartfelt kindness, the 3rd Race of Champions is an up and running reality.

There’s the 6km version, and for the fittest of fit, a double or nothing, 12kms course…of course! WBC Champions Carlos Cuadras and Francisco Vargas, are vowing to go the full distance, and whoever trails in second, will pay five thousand pesos to help Prichard.

We also want to thank all the rest of the boxing family. Granted…this time they didn’t put on their gloves, but rather their sneakers , to also help Prichard.

Thanks a million for making this so precious cause a possibility, leading to triumph!

See you bright and early at the starting line. “Hands of Stone” Roberto Duran rings the starting bell at 7am sharp!