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Guerrero: If Garcia predicts KO5, that means he’s coming to fight!

‘The Ghost’ hasn’t enjoyed the best of form of late, despite being highly-ranked by the WBC and has plenty to prove against one of the top operators in the world. Garcia’s expectancy that the fight to be over before the midway point plays right into Guerrero’s tactics though as the former world champion says he wants a toe-to-toe battle when the pair trade blows at the Staples Center.

“I’m coming to fight. Only God knows what’s going to happen and all I can say is I’m coming to win and put out my best performance I can put out and make it happen and become a champion in the welterweight division again,” said Guerrero, before addressing the KO prediction. “All I got to say is if that’s his prediction, come to do it. Because I’m coming to fight. I’m always up for that challenge and I love it because I know he’s coming to fight, too. If he’s coming to KO me in the fifth round, that means he’s coming to fight.

“(A victory) throws me right back in. There’s lot of hype behind Danny Garcia coming at 147 pounds. There’s a lot of big talk that he’s the next star in boxing that’s going to take over. Like he says himself, stars come to Hollywood. He’s a big star in the sport and I’m not going to say he’s not because he’s been doing what he’s had to do. He’s undefeated; he’s taken out a lot of top guys. His resume is great.

“I think this is a tremendous fight for me to get back on top and to get back in the ranks. To show the doubters and the media and everybody out there that Guerrero got a lot left in him.

“I’ve been 100% prepared for this fight and I’m excited about it,” he added.