Cotto advisor: Too early to tell on Marquez, anything is possible!

Naoki Fukuda / Chris Farina

Miguel Cotto’s long-time representative Gaby Penagaricano has informed WBN that a clash between the four-weight world champion and Juan Manuel Marquez hasn’t been ruled out.

Initial reports surfaced late in 2015 about the possibility of Cotto and Marquez meeting somewhere in the middle of their respective weights classes and there is no doubt that the fight would generate considerable interest.

Asked to confirm that the contest is in the forefront of Cotto’s thinking was a different story though as Penagaricano was keeping his cards close to his chest – without completely dismissing the fight’s chances.

“It’s too early to tell if Miguel Cotto and Juan Manuel Marquez will eventually fight,” he pointed out to World Boxing News.

“We all know In boxing that it is hard to totally discard a plan and at this point I would say that anything is possible.”

Cotto, 35, lost for the first time in two years against Canelo Alvarez last November, losing his WBC middleweight title in the process, and has made no official announcement since of his intention to stay at 160 or move back down to 154.

The Puerto Rican legend certainly has much more to give the sport after his efforts in moving up in weight to win yet another world title, and with Freddie Roach by his side, would have a man who knows Marquez very well should the contest come off.