Ashley Peyton pencilled in for Preston bout on Feb 20

Chris Glover 21/01/2016

Undefeated Leigh Light Welterweight Ashley Peyton is set for his eighth professional outing under the guidance of Johnney Roye and the MGM Manchester team.

Peyton has somewhat served his apprenticeship and will be on the hunt for titles in the coming 12 months. Ashley’s next appearance is on the 20th February MGM Manchester card at Preston’s Guild Hall. With Michael Ramabeletsa, Lyndon Newman and Liam Conroy all in British Challenge title contests, it is natural that Peyton could soon follow suit.

How do you feel your last performance went?

I feel my last performance was good considering the lack of sparring and padwork due to my hand injury in my previous fight. If I hadn’t of broken my hand in the last fight, I most definitely would of got Alec Bazza out of there. All in all it was a steady performance.

How’s your hand?

As for my hand at this moment in time, its getting there! I’ve had a few sparring sessions but not hit with my right hand like I would as I’m still very cautious as its took 3 months to get where I am at now with it. I’m using 16oz gloves on the pads and bags all the time with plenty padding in my bandages. I can’t say how it will feel on the night with the small 8oz gloves and a little padding, but hey that’s boxing! We all have them niggles.

How has training with Johnney Roye at MGM Manchester been going?

Training with Johnney is great! He comes up with new stuff everyday so I’m always learning different styles. Johnney understands whats best for each fighter and always has a plan for us.

Whats it like to balance training with your job?

Working and training hasn’t been as stressful this time round as I haven’t been down south working; so more than likely get home in time! The only thing that has stopped me from training is taking my 1 year old baby to the docs and me myself being unwell as I wouldn’t want any of the lads fighting for titles to catch it. If I’m not in the gym I will always do something to make up for it whether it be a run or a spin class!

Is there anything new fans can expect on the February 20th at Preston’s Guild Hall?

The new and current fans can expect a flashy hard hitting performance off me that will more than likely frustrate my opponent. Hopefully I can get a stoppage this time to make up for last time. I wont be looking for it, I will just be looking for good performance and a win will do me. Guaranteed flashiness from the Jaffa Cake man!

What are your ambitions for this year?

I’ve been speaking with Johnney about this and if it wasn’t for my injury I could of been fighting for a British Challenge belt this time out. That’s boxing and its never straight forward, but hopefully if I can stay injury free for my next fight then that will be a possibility. I want to have a central area this year at some point in either Lightweight or Super Lightweight as I can make them both and still be as strong.

Leigh’s Ashley Peyton joins a card that consists of Michael Ramabeletsa, Liam Conroy, Malcolm Klassen and Lyndon Newman all in title action. Tickets for this event are available directly from all boxers on the bill or by calling the Preston Guild Hall Box Office directly on 01772 804440.