Boxing Betting with Bitcoin

One could easily think that betting has been around almost as long as boxing due to its well-known relationship, maybe you could even exaggerate and think of it as a “what was first; the chicken or the egg” kind of dilemma, who knows, maybe the first box fight was to solve a bet; hard to believe, but isn’t it fun to think it could’ve happened that way?

So maybe you just came back from your first boxing fight ever and got so excited that wish to get more into it, maybe you have always been a passionate fan but it’s the first time you consider to make a boxing bet and squeeze something out of all that boxing knowledge, or maybe you have been betting into other sports for long time and recently became aware of the boxing betting world. No matter what roll you are playing, we will try to have you covered and walk you through the basics of this exciting world and the new trend of betting with Bitcoin.

Boxing Betting with Bitcoin

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is #1 ranked and most famous cryptocurrency in existence, used by people and business all over the world, online-casinos included, Bitcoin is winning more and more users every day due to its safety, with security equal to any online-banking system used by big banks, it offers a comfortable platform that gives complete control to its users, without mandatory feeds, borders or heavy bureaucracy to deal with.

The value of Bitcoin is acquired by the market’s demand, and it can change its value on a day-by-day basis, like any other currency on the world, and it can be both a good or bad investment depending on its use.

We recommend you to check Bitcoin’s website to learn a bit more about this currency and get a better idea about its characteristics and the benefits it can have.

Analyzing your Online Casino’s options.

Before investing any amount of money, we like to strongly recommend all our readers to do a vast revision on the web and read some reviews and comments of regular users of online casinos, not just to make sure that the platform we are using is safe, but also to get the best promotions and characteristics that fit our needs, here are some important things to take in mind when picking our Casino:

Security is probably the most important thing to consider with our money at stake, so please be sure that the page you decide to use has good recommendations and reviews, preferably coming from authority web-sites.

Legality is another priority when it comes to picking the right option, most of the big franchise casinos procure to run their operations within the law, but it’s always better to take a second look and check what the law of our own country says about online betting, we invite you to check the UK Gambling Commission Web-page and the US Gambling Law Site.

Bonus can be a great start for considerations when picking among our options, the most attractive is usually the Welcome Bonus that the biggest brands offer just in exchange of our registration, the problem with these is that they can be tricky, for example; sometimes this bonus expire after a week, which mean is not a gift but more of a coupon to do some free bets. Actually, the best way to squeeze as much as we can out of these bonus is by checking what they offer in exchange for our first deposit, what can be sometimes related to the paying method we use or just to the amount, sometimes being able to get 300% or more, if we pick right.

Bitcoin acceptance can be a great characteristic to consider as it can open us the doors of a lot more options on the web, including special discounts, big bonus and the possibility to invest on a popular coin that keeps growing every year and can make our live easier when it comes to paying online services or buying items on the web.

How to bet on Box?

As any other sport, Boxing has a lot of different modalities to make a bet, with different levels of complexity, risk and possible earnings, throughout this section we will check the most famous, from the Money Line to Over & Under, we will try to keep you covered, so you can have a great time by doing a well-informed investment, instead of a bold bet done by impulse.

Money Line is the simplest among the options as it only takes to pick our favorite fighter and hope for him to be the winner of the match regardless of the difference of points, or we can also bet on a Draw if we consider this will be the outcome of the match.

Over/Under works by guessing how long the fight will be, the casinos will do their math and offer an imaginary number of rounds and we will decide to pick whether the match will end sooner or later in perspective to that imaginary number.

Stoppage & KO is not much of a science, it is as simple as it sounds, you just need to pick one fighter and hope for him to win on any of these modalities or we will lose the bet.

Remember that the success on betting is not entirely on luck, that you can always take the best out of a sport situation if you do some research about the match and the characteristics of the fighters on a specialized site like World Boxing News, in order to pick the right option when it comes to playing with our money.

Keep informed, play smart and keep having fun.