Exclusive: Danny Williams wraps filming boxing movie Deliormanli, wants more acting roles in future

Phil Jay 14/01/2016

Mike Tyson conqueror Danny Williams has just returned from Istanbul where he’s been filming forthcoming boxing flick ‘Deliormanli’.

The 42 year-old, who last laced up the gloves back in June, has caused a stir in the Turkish media with his part as ‘Tommy Dixon’ which Williams hopes will kickstart his acting career.

Williams has now returned to the UK as he awaits the spring release of the movie, which also stars Turkish actor Sarp Levendo?lu as a retired boxing champion forced to take on an American opponent to pay his bills.

“I’ve just returned from eight days in Istanbul in Turkey, where I’ve been filming Deliormanli,” Williams told World Boxing News.

“This is my second acting role and I’ve really enjoyed the experience. It’s been pretty hard work and quite tiring, with several consecutive long days – typically 14-hour stints – we worked until the film team were completely satisfied with the takes.

“Obviously, the boxing parts were easy for me, but the non-boxing scenes were a little more challenging. The film directors and producers have been very pleased with my acting performances and have been really quite complementary.

“I’ve also received a lot of positive feedback during the filming. This is all very good news because I am looking to undertake further acting roles, both in film and television.

“I am known worldwide as the man who knocked out ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson, but I’d like to think my acting abilities extend beyond boxing roles and I would seriously consider any acting opportunities that come my way.”

‘The Brixton Bomber’ also informed WBN that he will be heading back to Turkey in March for the film premiere.

‘Deliormanli’ – Directed by Murat Seker is due for release in April 2016. Follow on Twitter @DeliOrmanliFilm for updates