De Carolis shocks Feigenbutz with late stoppage in Germany

Hilmar Rojas 10/01/2016

After an intense exchange over eleven rounds, the Italian Giovanni De Carolis took the WBA title from the 168-pound super middleweight World Boxing Association, winning by TKO over German Vincent Feigenbutz.

The fight was held at the Baden Arena in Offenburg, Germany, where De Carolis (24-6, 12 KO) began aggressively and dominated the first three rounds. Intense, and always on the attack, the Italian held off Feigenbutz (21-2, 19 KO) who tried to react in the fourth session.

In that round, the best part of the exchange was won by the German, who showed his power and took advantage of a couple of opportunities to eventually cut the Italian in the fifth above the left eyebrow.

However, Feigenbutz could not maintain control, even through he had the better force of attack.

De Carolis was gaining ground and in the eleventh managed to connect to the former interim champion, whose legs wobbled. The Italian fighter never stopped attacking, and after hitting Feigenbutz 12 times without reply, international referee Gustavo Padilla was forced to stop the fight.