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Home » Wilder: Father time knocked on Klitschko’s door, people can’t believe what they saw!

Wilder: Father time knocked on Klitschko’s door, people can’t believe what they saw!

‘The Bronze Bomber’ was hoping to watch Klitschko do his usual dismantling job on an opponent and move on to face him later this year until Fury shocked the sluggish-looking Ukrainian with a points victory.

Wilder now wants to see Klitschko avenge his loss to Fury in the contracted return, although the American, 30, is unsure whether the 39 year-old has enough left in his locker at the veteran stage of his career.

“I was very disappointed that Klitschko didn’t show up and do the things that we expected of him and what he was capable of doing (against Fury),” stated Wilder.

“It could be many reasons why that Klitschko didn’t show up, because that wasn’t him as a fighter. Klitschko as a person, his body was there, but as a fighter, something was missing. That isn’t what we’re used to seeing out of Wladimir Klitschko.

“I think Father Time has knocked on his door, and he don’t want to let him in yet. But, I think it’s knocking at his door, and that fight proved it.

“There’s talk of a rematch, and I’m going to see the second time around. So some people are still in daze of belief, because they can’t believe what they’ve seen.

“Just like my career, many times, people make excuses for me. They say different things; even criticize me because they can’t understand why I’m able to do what I do, and how I do it when I do it. So, it’s the same thing as Klitschko. So we’re going to see the second time around, was this real?”

Fury v Klitschko II is pencilled in for April or May, possibly in the UK or Germany, whilst Wilder is gearing up to defend his green belt for the third time against rugged Pole Artur Szpilka on January 16 in New York City.