Watch: Barry McGuigan reveals he was issued with a pistol during Northern Ireland troubles

Barry McGuigan

Barry McGuigan gave a candid account of how bad things got during the troubles in his homeland during the 1980’s.

After becoming world champion by defeating Eusebio Pedroza in 1985, a then 24 year-old McGuigan was seen as a possible target for kidnappers at the time.

McGuigan has stated that a gun was issued to him, along with protection, as the fear of him being taken as hostage was a ‘geniune threat’ according to the retired fighter,

Speaking on The Clare Balding Show, McGuigan told how he was taught to defend himself with the weapon as tension grew in his native Northern Ireland.

The boxing manager also took to the electronic punch ball with his son Shane as David Haye put host Clare Balding through her paces.

Barry McGuigan was speaking ahead of his appearance on The Clare Balding Show which this week also features son Shane McGuigan and David Haye. Watch the show Thursday on BT Sport 1 from 8.00pm or on BBC Two at 10pm on Friday 8th January.