Kieran Farrell aims to add promoter string to bow as gym thrives

Chris Glover 06/01/2016

Former Central Area and English title challenger Kieran Farrell is still keeping busy in the boxing world.

Kieran is running a gym in Heywood in Greater Manchester, which has budding amateur and professionals including three-time ABA Champion Tommy Stubbs and Reece Macmillian, the latter of whom makes his debut on February 20th’s MGM Manchester show.

CG – How is the gym going?

KF – Brilliant, it’s going from strength to strength. We’ve got an amateur club and a pro side to the gym. We have keep fitters, kids classes, the lot. As a trainer I like to work on technique with all the fighters no matter what level.

CG – How’s life as a trainer, how are you finding managing and training?

KF – There’s 24 hours in the day. I’m in the gym from 5am to 10pm doing private sessions as well the pros and amateurs. I enjoy it all I am managing to fit everything in well. I’ve put in for a promoter’s license and I’m hoping to put on my first show in April. I’m working alongside good people like MGM and if we keep working hard everyone can be successful.

CG – How many pros have you got in the gym now?

KF – I’ve got seven signed up including three time ABA Champion Tommy Stubbs as well as Reece Macmillian who was a good amateur. Reece will do well as a pro, in my opinion. I’ve got a few other pro kids that you will see come on the scene in the next couple of months.

CG – You’ve got Reece Macmillian on the MGM Manchester show, what can you tell us about him?

KF – Reece is 20 years old. He came in at 19 and reminded me of myself from when I turned pro. I took him on the pads and he continued to remind me of myself. He’s a fiery kid and I like that. He gives 150 percent and I try and give it him back. He’s making his debut at welterweight on February 20th in Preston on a great show. We’ll look for a good performance and then take it from there.

CG – Do you see yourself having a long term working relationship alongside MGM?

KF – Yes I want to keep working with MGM on a long term basis. MGM are doing good things in boxing and it’s great to see. MGM are the next big thing in boxing and I want to be a part of that.

CG – What hopes do you have as a trainer and promoter for the future?

KF – At the moment I want to train champions from central area titles to world titles. I am there to help people accomplish goals and help them put bread on their own families table. I aim to become a top trainer in the UK. As a

As a promoter, I want to keep the lads coming up active and help them make money and keep winning whilst working with everyone. As a manager, I want to be in control of my lads destiny to make sure they are handled the right way.