Coldwell keeping McDonnell’s, Bellew primed for further success

Coldwell Boxing 04/01/2016

The festive shutdown barely registered with Dave Coldwell. Hard at work in his Rotherham base making preparations for his charges dominated the majority of the Sheffield trainer’s Christmas schedule as both McDonnell brothers, Jamie and Gavin, kept sharp as they await confirmation of their upcoming tasks.

2015 was a stellar year for the Coldwell stable and one of boxing’s busiest campaigners is hopeful that this year can bring even more success.

“It’s a mad one as I began 2015 with only Tony Bellew but ended up doing a lot more,” reflects Coldwell. “The Jamie McDonnell situation was unexpected but the pair of us work so well together and that’s been evident by the results we’ve had so far as the Tomoki Kameda fights were hard fights and we were totally up against it. Gavin was already onboard before Jamie arrived and the improvements in him have been nothing short of fantastic. He’s learning everyday and he’s only going to get better.”

Coldwell’s 2015 was one that saw impressive results. The McDonnell siblings went from strength to strength as Jamie confirmed himself as a true bantamweight star with wins in America whilst Gavin established himself at continental level a division north as he looks to emulate his brother’s world title success sometime within the next 12 months. Up at cruiserweight, Liverpool’s Bellew defeated world class Pole, Mateusz Masternak in December to take the European crown and that belt should hopefully open the door for another shot at world honours for the Everton fanatic.

“This year has the potential to be huge for the boxers I’m working with and I’m hopeful that everything they work so hard for is rewarded to them. There’s one or two ideas that are currently being discussed for the boys at the moment and I’m sure that will be revealed once everything is set in stone but the main thing is that my guys keep their eye on the ball as all of them are within touching distance of obtaining massive success so I have to make sure they’re ready and focused for when the opportunities arrive.”