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Wilder comments on Joshua getting rocked by Whyte

Joshua was caught flush by Whyte in the second round, the only time he’s ever been rocked during his assault on the top division ranks, and Wilder believes it will only stand the Briton in good stead for the future.

“I like both boxers, personally. Whyte, he turned into a more of a brawl kind of fight, so I think he went back to the way he did in the amateurs and brought that same kind of intuition to the fight,” said Wilder.

“Joshua as he starts really just getting on up and trying to meet guys, he’s going to realize that he’s going to be able to experience a lot more than what he’s experiencing.

“This is boxing. You’re going to get hit, no matter how swift you are unless you get them out of their quick. There’s more risk or change you’re going to get hit man, and it’s the point of boxing, you’re going to get hit man.

“Congratulations to Joshua in their fight and hopefully they continue to be diving in the right direction and until it leads to a champion.”

Joshua is pencilled in for a return to action on April 9 in London, whilst Wilder has Artur Szpilka to deal with on January 16 before pushing on towards the winner of either Fury v Klitschko 2 or Vyacheslav Glazkov v Charles Martin.