Throwdown Fantasy: Final winner of 2015 crowned

Christmas came early for the winner of the final Throwdown Fantasy Boxing Game of 2015, Cela23, as he bested 105 other players to take home the $165.00 first-place prize as well as bragging rights.

The first-time winner of the #OrtizJennings game racked-up 330.8 fantasy points, edging the runner-up by only 3.3 fantasy points, and difference maker was Rances “Kid Blast” Barthelemy ($5,000), who scored 66 points in his world title-winning victory by decision over Denis Shafikov ($4,600).

Passing on the opportunity to select five favorites, the winner picked four in Luis Ortiz ($5,400), Nicholas Walters ($5,200), Omar Figueroa ($5,000) and Barthlemy. These four favorites left him with only $4,400 in salary cap, forcing him to pick underdog Antonio DeMarco ($4,200) to stay under the $25,000 salary cap.

The other top 10 finishers also selected (note Breazeale vs. Martin was canceled) four favorites. Ortiz, Walters and Figueroa were the common fighters on the winner’s team. Only the winner picked Barthelemy among the top 10 finishers, leaving only a pair of sub-$5,000 fighters, Murat Gassiev ($4,900) or Chris Arreola ($4,800), to give them much needed flexibility with their final team pick.

The second through 10th place finishers all picked Arreola, figuring he had the best chance of scoring a win by knockout, as well as being the least expensive fighter left. They all had $4,600 remaining for their final pick. Arreola didn’t stop Travis Kauffman ($4,500) but he dick register 61.6 as the victor. The 4.4 fantasy-points difference between Barthlemy and Arreola was the deal breaker, covering up for the marginal difference of DeMarco.

Throwdown Fantasy Boxing, online at www.ThrowdownFantasy.com, is boxing’s newest way to back up fight predictions and simple to play. In fact, it’s as easy as 1-2-3: 1. Using the $25,000 salary cap, pick five fighters from the game group; 2. Scoring may be tracked in real time, earning points for wins, knockouts and other CompuBox statistics, 3. Scoring the most points wins. Most games last a week and each has multiple winners. Click on this link to watch a short video to learn how easy is to play:


Fighters receive points based for how they perform, rewarding each style of boxing (see below chart). CompuBox fight statistics are available for research to aid in making selections at www.ThrowdownFantasy.com.

New players who sign up now can receive FREE entry into Throwdown Fantasy Boxing’s monthly Free-roll game, in which Throwdown Fantasy provides a $250 free roll that players may enter using Throwdown Points (3 free entire upon registration) and $25.00 free game. Signing up and playing is free. People may register to play for free and then move onto paid games.