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David Price v Erkan Teper result changed to no contest

Teper defeated Price in just two rounds last July in Ludwigsburg but tested positive soon after. The 33 year-old’s failings only came to light recently though, despite a similar incident back in June 2014.

The German Boxing Federation (BDB) have also moved to suspend Teper for one year.

Opponent Price, 32, now boasts a record of 19-2, although his other defeats are also under a cloud due to positive tests submitted by American Tony Thompson in 2013, the holder of the both reverses remaining on the Merseysider’s record.

It is conceivable that ‘Pricey’ could be recognised as an undefeated contender due to the nature of what transpired – as the fighter himself remains dignified by not wading in on the back of the sensational revelations.

Promoter Kalle Sauerland has already expressed his disappointment, although can seemingly plot a new course for Price, potentially with the European Boxing Union.

As Teper has been removed as the number one contender, Price may find himself in the running to meet current title holder Robert Helenius as a direct result of the latest developments with the organisation.