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Home » Jason Quigley backs Andy Lee for ‘comfortable night’, praises GGG

Jason Quigley backs Andy Lee for ‘comfortable night’, praises GGG

The 24 year-old from Donegal has raced to 9-0 under the Golden Boy Promotions banner in the US since 2014 and previously told WBN of his plans to be challenging for titles in the next eighteen months.

When asked to air his views on the massive Ireland v England clash between WBO champion Lee and challenger Saunders taking place in Manchester tonight, Quigley pulled no punches with his response.

“I’m looking at Lee v Saunders from a completely neutral point of view, but I think it’s going to comfortable night for Lee. I hope to be ringside watching all the action unfold,” Quigley told World Boxing News.

Like many, Quigley holds Gennady Golovkin in high regard as the best middleweight on the planet, but says it’s too early to be seeing the likes of Lee, Saunders or ‘GGG’ as potential rivals for the future.

“You have to give it to Golovkin as he’s proven it. It’s not a status that’s thrown around ‘just because’ you can. He’s actually shown us he’s the best and I learn from him watching all of his fights. I hope one day I can get to grace the ring with him.

“I don’t really see anyone as a ‘rival’ per se as that kind of comes with trash talking and I haven’t had that yet. The future will show its self and everyone who gets in the ring with me I see as a potential rival going forward,” he added.

The winner of Lee v Saunders is being lined up to face Golovkin in his warm-up clash before a mandated battle with new WBC champion Canelo Alvarez, which gives all the more significance to tonight’s big BoxNation / Showtime encounter.