Throwdown Fantasy: Player beats off competition to claim another win

Throwdown Fantasy 18/12/2015

The most recent $2000 Throwdown Fanatasy Boxing Game winner (Leftjabcross) is on a roll to close out the 2015 season. He won the $2000 #JacobsQuillin game with 385 points, marking the second time in the last three games he topped everybody, to earn bragging rights as well as the $400.00 first-place prize.

A total of 223 players competed and the winning total was a mere two points better than four players who finished in a second-place tie worth $130.00 each.

The #JacobsQuillin game ended up as a six-fight pool due to the cancellations of two fights, Chudinov-Sturm and Breazeale-Martin. Thus, only 12 fighters were in the final group, resulting in a much better chance of selecting the winning five-man team.

Leftjabwritecross, who is the third-winningest Throwdown Fantasy Boxing’s winningest players, picked four favorites – Daniel Jacobs ($5,100), Regis Prograis ($5,800), Omar Figueroa ($5,000) and Chris Arreola ($4,800) – and completed his winning team with the second-lowest priced fighter in this game, Antonio DeMarco ($4,200).

The other top 10 players in scoring also picked four favorites but only the 10th place finisher (Djholman7) picked the same four favorites as the eventual game winner. The determining factor was their respective underdog choice, DeMarco and Erick Bone ($4,300).

On paper, Bone appeared to be the wiser choice than DeMarco, largely based on the knockout percentages of their respective opponents, Chris Algieri (40%) and Figueroa (72%). Figueroa-DeMarco turned out to be a firefight with both fighters throwing and landing powerful punches. DeMarco was unable to catch front-running Figueroa, but he did land 225 of 587 points for 32.5 critical points, the most ever by a fighter in a losing effort.

The game winner was the lone top 10 finishing player to select DeMarco. Others went with either Bone or Travis Kauffman ($4,500) vs. Arreola. Kauffman did score 30.5 fantasy points, only two less than DeMarco’s total, which was the game winner’s margin of victory.

The lesson learned in this game was that, if you can pick only four favorites on your team due to salary restrictions, choosing the correct underdog is key because a losing fighter could be the difference between winning or losing in Throwdown Fantasy Boxing.

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Fighters receive points based for how they perform, rewarding each style of boxing (see below chart). CompuBox fight statistics are available for research to aid in making selections at www.ThrowdownFantasy.com.

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