New Zealand’s dirtiest fight of the year

Benjamin Watt 14/12/2015

North Shore, Auckland played host to one of the dirties boxing event of the year over the weekend, with two of the professional bouts ending in controversy. The event was dubbed “Weekend Warriors Xmas Special” promoted by local Craig Thomson of CTP Boxing.

Generally when you go to a small local event you would expect to see some corporate boxers trying out the sport for a hobby, however this corporate undercard was decent. The corporate undercard featured nine bouts of Auckland’s finest boxers that has great potential for the pro’s.

The first out of three professional bout main events presented WBU World Champion and New Zealand Champion, Tauranga’s Anthony Taylor against Debutant Matthew Tuakolo. With Taylor’s heavy hitting and experience, he simply outboxed his opponent till he knocked out Tuakolo in the second round. 

The second professional bout was the rematch between undefeated Aucklander Shay Brock against Samoan New Zealand resident Moses Ioelu. The bout was controversial where not only Shay Brocks was knocked down for the first time in his career, but Ioelu threw multiple shots to Brock’s while he was still on the ground. “In terms of the punches on the ground I think he just got excited and wanted to make sure he kept me down. Heat of the moment type thing, But after that I lost my cool and stood their tryna brawl with him at the end of the round I got a bit of a telling off so that’s why I come out the way I did in the second” said Brock’s. Ioelu was deducted two points by experience referee Lance Revill. The rest of the fight Brock’s outboxed his opponent while both boxers tried to use dirty tactics with a few wrestling moves. “I wasn’t happy with my first round performance. I didn’t listen to my corner, underestimated my opponent, got careless and got caught. Second round I composed myself and used my skills. Outboxed him, wore him down and ultimately frustrated him”. After the second round Ioelu’s team decided to throw in the towel and retire in the corner.

The Third and final Professional bout of the evening was one of the dirtiest fights of the year. One of Tonga’s biggest potential and New Zealand resident Panuve Helu fought Samoan New Zealand resident Fili Mailata. Mailata certainly came to fight however he certainly did it in a dirty way, by throwing multiple shots to back of the head, attempting to tackle to the ground and taunting his opponent. The bout was certainly exciting with both boxers throwing heavy hits. The bout ended in more controversy where Mailata fell through the ropes twice, with the second time causing a cut on the back of his head from landing on a table outside of the ring. The fight was ruled as a technical draw with a potential rematch in March, however the decision was not liked from the crowd. “I feel like I should won the fight but I don’t know what happened… I think it was not right how they make it a draw” Helu Said.

Panuve Helu, Anthony Taylor and Shay Brock’s will be returning to the ring in Auckland, New Zealand around mid March, 2016. Gunnar Jackson will also be fighting on the card. Craig Thomson from CTP boxing will promoting the event.