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Mario Barrios claims sixth round win in Texas

From the opening round, Barrios established his presence in the ring as he landed numerous power shots, mostly to the body and head. A powerful right uppercut followed by a monstrous left hook sent Vides crashing to the canvas head first, ending the bout at the 2:29 mark of round six.

“I felt strong going into the ring tonight,” said Mario Barrios. “We had a great training camp and I got a lot of good sparring to get me prepared for this fight. I got into a good rhythm early and kept my foot on the pedal. I had him hurt early but he was a very tough opponent and pushed me to the later rounds. By coach Bob Santos told me to start throwing more uppercuts and that’s when I landed that big shot in the sixth round. I followed the right uppercut with a left hook and got him out of there.”

With the win, Barrios, who’s been on fast track, recorded his seventh victory of 2015. He’s very pleased to be staying active as he ascends to the top of the super-featherweight division.”

“I want to thank PBC and NBC for this opportunity.” Barrios continued. “To be part of the PBC series is a dream come true. My goal is to continue winning and become a PBC superstar. I also want to thank my team for all their hard work. I’m very happy with my performance and I couldn’t have done it without them. I’m looking forward to another busy year in 2016.”