Nielsen v Markussen weigh-in goes off big time in Copenhagen

Sauerland 11/12/2015

Photo Wende

Tempers flared at today’s weigh-in ahead of Patrick Nielsen (27-1, 13 KOs) and Rudy Markussen’s (39-3, 26 KOs) sold-out grudge match on Saturday night at the Brondby Hallen in Copenhagen.

After taking to the scales, the bitter rivals had to be restrained when a shoving match threatened to escalate.

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Super Middleweight (77.5 kg) – 12 Rounds:
Patrick Nielsen: 77.3 kg
Rudy Markussen: 76.8 kg

The stage is now set for one of the biggest domestic fights in Danish boxing history.

Here is a full list of undercard weights for the Nordic Fight Night on Saturday night:

Cruiserweight – 8 Rounds:
Micki Nielsen: 90.7 kg
Konstantin Semerdjiev: 90.7 kg

Featherweight – 8 Rounds:
Dennis Ceylan: 57.3 kg
Walter Estrada: 57 kg

Super Middleweight – 8 Rounds:
Tim Robin Lihaug: 76.4 kg
Joszef Racz: 76 kg

Cruiserweight – 4 Rounds:
Kai Robin Havnaa: 89.4 kg
Lukasz Zygmunt: 90.7 kg

Middleweight – 8 Rounds:
Abdul Khattab: 72.5 kg
Francisco Cordero: 72.6 kg

Super Middleweight – 4 Rounds:
Landry Kore: 72.5 kg
Valentin Stoychev: 72 kg

Female Super Bantamweight – 6 Rounds:
Dina Thorslund: 54.7 kg
Jasmina Nadj: 54 kg

Light Heavyweight – 6 Rounds:
Deion Jumah: 81.8 kg
Vasyl Kondor: 80 kg

Ondt Blod: Patrick Nielsen vs. Rudy Markussen will be shown live and exclusive on Pay-Per-View in Denmark. For more information on how to order please visit www.boksekampen.dk.