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BBC reporter suspended for airing Tyson Fury views in public

West, who works on BBC Newsline, aired his opinion on the controversy surrounding Fury by putting out a Facebook post that was picked up by several outlets and forced the British Broadcasting Corporation to act.

“My employer is hurting me and other gay people by celebrating someone who considers me no better than a paedophile and who believes homosexual people are helping to bring about the end of the world,” wrote West.

“It’s tempting to see him for the laughable idiot he is but sadly there are many other idiots who will be inspired and encourage by his naive, juvenile bigotry. I am ashamed to work for the BBC when it lacks bravery to admit it is making a mistake.”

After some speculation West would indeed face action, the BBC informed the presenter of their decision on Wednesday.

“I can’t say more but, as of yesterday, I am suspended by the BBC pending investigation. I made my bed now I have time to lie in it,” confirmed West.

Fury remains part of the vote to become the BBC’s Sports Personality of 2015 despite several protests, including one from Olympic champion and fellow nominee Greg Rutherford, whilst the fighter himself has responded to the furore by quoting Bible scriptures.