Jhonny Gonzalez captures fringe WBC title at 130

WBC 07/12/2015

At a crowded Polideportivo Centenario in Los Mochis, Sinaloa, experienced and accomplished Jhonny Gonzalez conquered the WBC International silver super featherweight title, defeating rugged, rough, sometimes ragged, but always tough Hurricane Futa, via UD.

The pattern was immediately set in the first round. No footing for Futa, who charged foward like an enraged bull, with lunging right hands, some of which landed. While Jhonny weathered the initial storm, maintained a high guard and countered, with smart long left jabs and his signature left hooks.

By the fourth round, the Hurricane was somewhat dissipating, and although not reigning, punches were still sporadically raining in. Never knocked down or stopped, tough as old boots Futa was lunging and becoming more unorthodox.

Jhonny was connecting flush, especially with some well-timed counter right hooks, but although often stung and sometimes hurt, especially when backed on to the ropes, Futa withstood the measured onslaught.

Jhonny’s legendary KO power, which reigned supreme at super Bantam and featherweight, isn’t having the same effect in the super feather division.

Hurricane was often careless and sometimes reckless with his head, boring in. Unflappable, calm Referee Christian Curiel, patiently warned the Japanese fighter a hatful of times, before pausing the action in round ten and deducting a point.


Jhonny returned the compliment from Hurricane via a hard and accurate left-right combination, in the seconds leading up to the bell.

Rough and tumble in the twelfth, as Jhonny was wrestled to the canvas twice and Futa himself then slipped.

The headline action had affected Jhonny’s hairline. His left eyebrow was jaggedly gashed and bleeding, plus some lumps and bumps, yet a convincing UD victory!