Throwdown Fantasy: Tyson Fury upset helps recent winner

New world heavyweight champion Tyson Fury’s major upset of Wladimir Klitschko was the deciding factor for the winner of the most recent $2000 Throwdown Fanatasy Boxing Game, online at www.ThrowdownFantasy.com, powered by CompuBox.

The #CottoCanelo game winner (LeftJabWriteCross) is a multiple game winner and third on Throwdown Fantasy’s All-Time Winners list with $4,816.69 in total winnings and a 30.83 winning percentage.

His winning fantasy team registered 379 fantasy points, which was only 4.4 points better than a pair of second-place finishers with 374.6 points each. One knockdown, equivalent to five fantasy points, scored by any fighter on the second place finishers’ team could have altered the outcome of this game.

This game winner used the same strategy that has worked for him in past games, in which he chooses multiple teams with at least three guys he’s very confident of winning, boxers with high knockout potential. Jermall Charlo ($5600), Francisco Vargas ($5200) and James DeGale ($4700) were his favored trio this past game. He added Daquan Arnett ($4600) against Yudel Johnson ($4600) in a pick ’em fight and closed the show with Fury.

Fury ($4600) was an underdog against Klitschko ($5400), who was unbeaten in 11 years, looking to extend his second-longest reign as world heavyweight champion. Fury shocked the world, winning a 12-round unanimous decision in a fight that had very little offensive action. Fury only scored 33.6 fantasy points, relatively low for a winning boxer, but it was more than enough to separate this game’s winner from the playing field.

LeftJabWrightCross had five winners on his team, while the second through 16th place finishers only had four winners, none picking Fury who was the difference maker.
Throwdown Fantasy Boxing is online at www.ThrowdownFantasy.com and boxing’s newest way to back up fight predictions is simple to play. In fact, it’s as easy as 1-2-3: 1. Using the $25,000 salary cap, pick five fighters from the game group; 2. Scoring may be tracked in real time, earning points for wins, knockouts and other CompuBox statistics, 3. Scoring the most points wins. Most games last a week and each has multiple winners.


Fighters receive points based for how they perform, rewarding each style of boxing. CompuBox fight statistics are available for research to aid in making selections at www.ThrowdownFantasy.com.

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