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Home » Hearn expects Bizier in US, Khan in UK for Brook in 2016

Hearn expects Bizier in US, Khan in UK for Brook in 2016

Brook recently threw a red herring into the mix by stating a deal with Timothy Bradley was close, although Hearn revealed plans to get his mandatory obligation to Kevin Bizier out of the way are first and foremost.

WBN were informed by Bizier handler Yvon Michel that talks for the Brook fight were scheduled to take place last Friday and Hearn now wants the fight to happen before a possible showdown with Khan at Wembley.

“The IBF have ordered us to fight Bizier. We had an agreement to fight Chaves but if the fight’s not for the IBF world title then the agreement is void,” Hearn told Sky Sports News HQ.

“We’re pushing forward for the Amir Khan fight and we expect it to happen at the end of May or early June. In the meantime, if we have to deal with the mandatory then it’s likely we’ll travel to America to do it because it’s more appealing there than here.

“Bizier has lost to Jo Jo Dan. He’s a decent fighter but it’s not the easiest to sell and we need to prepare for the Khan fight, which is what we’re heading towards. It’s all feet to the pedal on that – especially after him saying he hasn’t got the Manny Pacquiao fight and will fight Kell Brook.

“We’re speaking to their team and I believe the fight will happen. It’s the biggest fight out there for both of them. It’s common sense and I believe common sense will prevail.”

Khan is yet to formally learn that his chance at Pacquiao has gone, whilst two-weight world champion Terence Crawford has moved into the position of favourite to battle the Filipino legend in what is said to be his final fight in April.