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Home » Exclusive: Team Fury to lobby IBF for solution to mandatory status

Exclusive: Team Fury to lobby IBF for solution to mandatory status

Just days on from Fury’s stunning victory over former heavyweight king Wladimir Klitschko, the new four-belt champion was stipulated to defend his IBF belt against Ukrainian number one contender Vyacheslav Glazkov.

A December 11 deadline was set, with the IBF stating exclusively to WBN that Fury will be stripped if he decides to avoid the Glazkov fight and follow through with a contracted rematch with Klitschko in the spring of 2016.

In the eyes of Vali, Fury has no choice but to face Klitschko again, but on the flip side, doesn’t want to lose any of the precious titles he fought so hard to claim on his career-defining night in Dusseldorf last weekend.

“I’m sure Mick Hennessy and Peter Fury will speak to Lindsey Tucker on this and have a discussion about it as it is unfair that he should be stripped straight away when he’s not had a chance,” Vali exclusively told World Boxing News.

“A contract is a contract, which was also a promotional agreement and we wouldn’t have even had the IBF belt or any of the other world titles if we hadn’t agreed to what Klitschko’s demand was (an immediate rematch).

“Obviously, I have a great relationship with the IBF and hopefully we can come to some arrangement to if once we’ve done the rematch then the opportunity is there for Glazkov.

“You’ve also got to remember that it’s a difficult situation with the mandatory position when you have all the belts. How do you decide who comes first or second? Is it the WBA first or the IBF?

“These are all the discussions we need to have as when you are the unified champion there has to be some leeway.

“The fairest way to do it is to let Tyson and Klitschko do the rematch first, then the IBF mandatory next and then the WBA, WBO or IBO, whoever it may be next to give all the number one contenders the opportunity.”

Asked whether they would consider offering Glazkov a position on any Fury v Klitschko II undercard – potentially at Wembley Stadium in the UK, as a sweetener before facing the undefeated challenger next, Vali was open to the idea.

“Of course, there are ways and means of doing it, but I’ll be speaking to the people involved to try and find a solution as it’s a very, very important belt,” he added.