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Home » Exclusive: Haye warns de Mori, ‘It’s hard to dig me on the shoulder when you’re unconscious!’

Exclusive: Haye warns de Mori, ‘It’s hard to dig me on the shoulder when you’re unconscious!’

De Mori informed WBN that he may look to test out Haye’s right shoulder, which underwent career-saving surgery in 2013, by unleashing a few big left hooks to rattle the pins that were inserted during the operation.

Former two-weight world title holder Haye, 35, gave a pretty blunt response to de Mori and stated ‘The Dominator’ may never get the chance to even land a shot as he hopes to end the O2 Arena fight in the early stages.

“It’s hard to give me digs on the shoulder when you’re unconscious on the canvas. He’ll be lucky if he can even touch my shoulder,” Haye exclusively told World Boxing News.

“I want him out of there as soon as possible. I’m not worried about getting rounds or anything other than landing my hands on this guy, that’s it.

“I just want to get out there get punching and get fighting. It’s been a long, long time since I’ve done it.”

‘The Hayemaker’ is champing at the bit to climb between the ropes again after obliterating compatriot Dereck Chisora in five rounds the last time the Londoner graced the ring way back in 2012 at Upton Park.

“Since I was ten years old, I’ve had fewer fights in this time-frame with these three and a half years than in any other time in my life, so I’m itching to get back in there and get scrapping.”

At the press conference announcement, 33 year-old de Mori decided to make things a bit more interesting by leaning in with his head at the staredown, something Haye puts down to nerves, rather than his rival laying down any markers.

“I think it’s his first time in the big time, really. If you scrutinize his record, he’s never really fought in any big arenas or stadiums. He’s fought in small venues, so maybe the occasion got to him a little bit. He had me in front of him and fifty cameras flashing, so he probably lost his mind a little bit and he just wanted to stick his face in mine.

“You’ve got to keep your cool and that showed to me that he’s not keeping his cool. He doesn’t want to lose his cool on fight night or he could make a mistake real quick.”

As de Mori holds a rating with the WBA, it’s the perfect opportunity for Haye to throw down the gauntlet to the likes of Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury, although the one-time cruiserweight king is concerned only with nailing down the victory.

“He’s ranked ten, I think, but I’m not too worried about a ranking right now. I just need to get back in ring and get back looking good.

“People are talking about ring rust or if I’m a going to be the force I used to be, well we are going to find out. Once I know, then we can make a plan from there,” he added.