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Home » Exclusive: Johann Duhaupas calls for Deontay Wilder rematch

Exclusive: Johann Duhaupas calls for Deontay Wilder rematch

The 34 year-old was stopped in the eleventh round of a decent effort against Wilder, in which the champion was tagged more than he’d ever been before, and Duhaupas believes a rematch is fully warranted.

“I want the rematch. I want Deontay Wilder. I want to be the world champion, and if Deontay accepts the challenge I give him my total respect,” Duhaupas told World Boxing News.

“My manager and I are willing to agree all the conditions so that we can come back to the USA and take the WBC title from Wilder.

“I am ready for the rematch and I know Deontay is in search of an opponent. I am here so call me and I will come back over. It’s easy, so let’s see if he accepts another fight with The Reptile!”

Manager Mehdi Ameur added: “After the fight against Deontay I am working hard to bring Johann back to make this fight because he made an impact against a big-name boxer in Wilder and now all the people in USA know who Duhaupas is and what he is capable of.

“There is a place for this rematch, they are looking for an opponent so why not Johann? – Because he is the serious opponent for Deontay and proved it in the last fight.

“For the TV and for the spectators it was a good fight and if Johann gets another chance I am sure he will win. He is training hard and knows he can hurt Deontay as you saw in his eyes after the fight. I am sure Deontay doesn’t want to fight Duhaupas again because he knows perfectly that there is a big risk for him.

“If he is the big fighter like he says he is every time he speaks in the media, he must accept this rematch!

“Everyone knows what will happen if he doesn’t accept. His next fight he will win by four round knockout – maximum as it will be easy for him, but for the TV and spectator it’s not so great.

“With Wilder v Duhaupas, the world of boxing will go to see a real fight and we are ready to go again,” he added.

Wilder has been vocal in his intent to challenge new unified champion Tyson Fury in the coming months, although has a spot to fill in the New Year and Duhaupas will be hoping another call comes his way for the Barclays Center encounter.