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Exclusive: Sulaiman discusses Mayweather legacy, comeback talk

Mayweather, 38, hung up his gloves in September on the back of a remarkable career spanning almost two decades, culminating in a C.V reading 49-0 and world titles into double figures through five weight classes.

Despite numerous opinions and reports, Mayweather is adamant no massive paycheck will entice him back and Sulaiman sees the November ceremony held at the WBC Convention in China as the final act for the ‘Money’ man.

“Mayweather is retired. We made a very special award, a lifetime achievement award during the Convention where he was named Emeritus Champion, and he received an ovation from all the members all over the world,” Sulaiman exclusively told World Boxing News.

“I truly never like to speculate on rumours as that would be endless, but Floyd Mayweather is one of the biggest icons ever and we are very proud of him. He will be a member of the WBC family for a lifetime.

“I believe he will (stay retired). He’s said it several times and he’s just an unbelievable athlete who has proved everything, so we are just moving forward – but keeping him as part of the WBC family.

“He’s a very smart fighter and he understands his ability with age and that the risks are higher. He fought for 19 years and he fought the best of the best in at least five weight categories. He never ducked anyone and he’s perhaps one of the smartest fighters inside of the ring.

“He’s now enjoying life and we hope he moves forward being an ambassador and a role model, in that direction, but he’s very smart and he understands that boxing is not a game.”

Asked where Mayweather may rank amongst the greats of all time, Sulaiman replied: “It’s a matter of personal feelings and belief, but it’s very difficult to compare the different eras. It’s difficult to compare Jack Johnson to Mike Tyson or Joe Lewis to Muhammad Ali as there are so many different aspects to consider.

“Mayweather used his defensive skills as part of the domination and he was able to land the necessary punches to know when he was ahead in the fight and then continue to dominate through his defense as well as throwing punches and landing punches.

“It’s a very particular style, but he’s just a case on his own,” he added.

A return with Manny Pacquiao would seemingly be the only slight chance fans would get to see Mayweather grace the ring again, although the fighter himself has already moved to rule a second fight following his decisive points win in May.