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Home » ‘Deontay Wilder willing to travel to UK for Tyson Fury unification’

‘Deontay Wilder willing to travel to UK for Tyson Fury unification’

Fury, 26, bamboozled the more experienced champion to rip away his WBA, WBO, IBF and IBO belts in Germany and in the process shook up the top division for the first time in over a decade.

Whilst pointing out that Wilder has the most sought after WBC version, Deas said he was hopeful of the two arranging a huge unification in the next few months once ‘The Bronze Bomber’ completes his latest outing in the New Year.

“I thought Fury’s team did a great job of noticing the ring was too padded and demanding that be corrected,” said Deas.

“An over padded ring is like boxing in sand. If you have good foot speed it can slow you down and wear you down. They got excess padding taken out and also battled for gloves they felt comfortable in. As for the fight, it was more interesting than exciting. Fury did what he had to do and came out on top.

“Klitschko had an off night, but Fury had a lot to do with that. Fury used good head movement, feints and awkward punching angles to good effect. Klitschko is a first ballot hall of famer so we’ll have to see what he does next.

“As for Deontay Wilder, he’s the champion of the world with the biggest belt, the most respected belt and the title held by Ali, Tyson, Holyfield and Lennox Lewis.

“Deontay would not only love to unify the belts in a fight with Fury, but would be willing to do it in the UK!

“Of course, we have a huge fight in front of us Jan. 16th in New York, with details coming soon, and only a fool looks past that which is in front of him. So our focus is only on Jan. 16th.”

Fury’s trainer and uncle Peter recently told WBN that there will be no shirking mandatory duties, although special dispensation would allow the two champions the leeway to negotiate what would be another super-fight at 200 pounds plus.

Wilder’s ties to Al Haymon could be a problem in taking the fight to Britain in the first place but Fury will no doubt want to enjoy realising his dream in the short-term and make a routine first defence of his new belt haul.

There’s also the possibility of Klitschko taking up his rematch option, which represents another delay in making the contest a reality in 2016.