Sam Smith takes on Christina Linardatou this Sunday

Richard Spilotro 28/11/2015

There is something special when two undefeated fighters are set to square off with one another, something magical occurs when both participants step between those ropes and face off before the bell rings.

In boxing a clash of undefeated fighters is the perfect combination to arouse one’s curiosity or interest in a fascinating matchup and thanks to Lee Murtagh’s Saoirse Promotions the fans of the sweet science will receive just that as Sam Smith battles Christina “The Black Mamba” Linardatou for the vacant Universal Boxing Federation (UBF) International lightweight title.

Sam Smith (5-0, 4 KO’s), of Leeds is no stranger to championship bouts, Smith has won many regional titles including but not limited to the EBF British title and Commonwealth championship titles. Besides being known for her beautiful smile and heavy hands, Smith is also known for her addiction of testing herself against all challenges and that included the current Dominican lightweight champion Christina Linardatou.

One of the sport’s best kept secrets is the woman simply known as “The Black Mamba”, the Dominican Republic born Christina Linardatou (6-0, 4 KO’s), is no stranger to combat sports, Linardatou at age 11 moved to her father’s country of Greece where she now resides, but in 2004 her desire to combat sports brought her into kickboxing and later boxing. In her last bout Linardatou won a unanimous decision against Yoseidy Zarzuela for the vacant Dominican Republic female lightweight title. Now Linardatou wants to test her skills against another champion and on November 29th she will face off against current champion Sam Smith.

Lee Murtagh who promotes this event also serves as head trainer to his protege Sam Smith was asked a few questions about this championship bout, below you can find the short interview.

UBF: How has preparation been for this fight?

Lee Murtagh: Preparation for the 1st time Sam has been scheduled for 10 rounds has gone according to my plans. Myself I always used to relish boxing in 10 rounds contests and Sam has applied herself in a similar way.

UBF: How big of a fight is this for Sam Smith?

Lee Murtagh: The magnitude of this fight has reflected on ticket sales with the Aria suite being standing room only, as a promoter I had to reduce the number of undercard contests on this bill to fit in Sam’s barmy army of supporters.

UBF: Why take on such a dangerous opponent in Christina Linardatou?

Lee Murtagh: Why take such a dangerous opponent like Christina? Simple, Sam wants to test herself with the best, that’s the only way she is gonna find out how good she is.

UBF: If Smith is Victorious and captures the UBF title, What’s next for Smith? Anyone in particular in the lightweight division you have your eyes on?

Lee Murtagh: Next! It’s always a tricky subject because best laid plans to mice and men are usually laughed at by the gods ! I’ll leave you a clue, I will be on a working vacation in Rochester upstate New York this December. There’s a certain UBF female champion who fights outta Rochester, NYC and I’m friends with the promoter there.

I would like to say thanks to everyone involved in making this event a success, way too many people to list here but thanks to everyone who supported us from day one, thanks to all the sponsors, Malta Boxing Commission and all the fans of this great sport.