Boxing scribe-turned fighter Ryan Bivins earns gutsy draw in Philly

Phil Jay 22/11/2015

Ryan Bivins is still searching for a first victory in the ring since the SweetBoxing writer bravely decided to take the plunge and swap his laptop for gloves.

The 29 year-old did what most boxing writers – including myself, wouldn’t dream of being able to do by turning professional in the sport we love. It’s an age-old complaint by fighters that boxing scribes need to take a punch in order to cast their opinion on the sweet science and Bivins is now a shining example of that.

Having been defeated by fellow debutant Darryl Gause on his debut in October 2014, the last thing Bivins did was run for cover. He went away, trained even harder and was back in action a year and one month later this past Friday night fighting in his hometown of Philadelphia once again.

Bivins took on Daryl Bunting at the 2300 Arena in a closely fought contest that may well have gone his way on another night. As it happens, the fight was scored a split decision draw and Bivins is still searching for that elusive opening win.

After the contest, and once a trip to hospital was out of the way to check on his injured hands, Bivins gave his views to WBN on how the fight went from his perspective.

“While it was obvious from the start of the fight that I had the superior technical edge, I picked my shots too cautiously an allowed Bunting to dictate the pace of the first two rounds,” Bivins told World Boxing News.

“I landed far more clean punches, but two of the judges must have gave him both of the opening rounds regardless. He was definitely the aggressor, but I thought I was more effective. I know I hurt him in rounds one, three and four, so I figure the judge that scored the fight in my favour scored them for me. The judge who gave it to Bunting was on crack as he took a beating in the final two rounds.

“But that beating may have never came if my corner didn’t wake me up after the second round. They yelled at me because I wasn’t letting my hands go. As it turned out, I busted both of my hands on Bunting’s head, especially my right.

“Fortunately I sucked it up and let my punches fly in the final rounds to salvage the draw. I almost stopped him at the end of the fourth round, but this was my first experience in a fight where it hurt more to land punches than it did to get hit by them. I went to the hospital afterward and they told me I had a badly bruised right hand which needs rest for a week.”

For just stepping between the ropes, Bivins deserves all the credit in the world, but trading punches will taste that much sweeter for ‘The Underachiever’ once he finally has his hands raised at the end of acting out what most of us would never even contemplate.

Hats off to Ryan for sheer guts alone…