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Home » Weber almost ready to return from injury, open to Culcay rematch

Weber almost ready to return from injury, open to Culcay rematch

The reason being a fracture to his hand suffered somewhere along the third round of the fight that took place in Frankfurt, Germany. To be exact, the doctors diagnosed a triple fraction of the metacarpus.

“I haven’t been able to put on a boxing glove just yet”, Weber says. “But as an athlete, you know your body and I know that my hand will be fine in due time. I will be back in the gym soon – and frankly, I cannot wait.”

Despite the setback against Culcay, Weber, who is promoted by Sturm Box-Promotion, is still convinced that he will win a world title someday.

“That was and always will be the dream. Maybe that loss was good for something. Who knows?”

Weber went into the Culcay fight as a big betting underdog but surprised fans and experts with a great effort that saw him dropping Culcay and winning the majority of the first half of the fight.

Some journalists at ringside even questioned the official decision and called for a rematch in their ringside reports.

“I won’t call anyone out, that’s not my style”, Weber says. “But of course, I’d do a rematch in a heartbeat. I’d fight him in his own gym. I know I can beat him, I proved that.”

Fighting nine rounds with a broken hand, Weber admits, felt like going through hell.

“Every punch I threw with my hand hurt. Badly. But I never, ever thought about quitting. This was my big chance and I did everything I could to take it.”

Instead of whining about the injury and the decision, the Cologne-based fighter has decided to concentrate on the future. His next fight and opponent will be announced soon.

“Culcay or not, we are looking at something big”, he says. “I’ve arrived at the world stage and I’m here to stay.”

Last month, Weber got some advice from one of boxing’s biggest superstars, former three-time World Champion and Olympic Silver Medalist Amir Khan paid a visit to Cologne, Germany, to make an appearance at the video game exhibition Gamescom – and to meet with Weber.

“Amir is one of the good guys in boxing. We had a great time and talked a lot about boxing. I’m sure we will be champions at the same time one day.”