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Mayweather on Rousey: It’s contact sports, comes with the territory

Hours after Rousey was knocked out and lost her bantamweight title to Holly Holm, Mayweather wasn’t much more inclined to discuss the star of UFC.

“Oh, I don’t know,” Mayweather said when asked about Rousey’s loss in Australia. “I don’t speak on nobody’s situation.”

Rousey was an enormous betting favorite over Holm, a long-reigning female boxing champion who joined UFC with the specific objective of toppling its biggest star.

In the second round, after softening Rousey with a barrage of left hands, Holm landed a left kick to the jaw for the knockout.

“Just in boxing period, contact sports period, you win some, you lose some,” Mayweather said Sunday at Staples Center, where he watched a Los Angeles Lakers-Detroit Pistons NBA game. “I don’t know about this fight, I just know that you win some and you lose some. It basically comes with the territory.”

Mayweather did note Rousey’s loss came as she was featured on the January 2016 issue of The Ring, the venerable boxing magazine on whose cover he so often appeared before announcing his retirement with a 49-0 record after his Sept. 12 win over Andre Berto.

The Grand Rapids native said it makes boxing “look bad” to have a mixed martial artist on the cover.

“That shows you when I step away from the sport, when I step outside the ring, and I’m on the other side, you can see what’s going on,” Mayweather said.

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