Brendon Smith explains why Gallen v Ene-Purcell 2 will only be staged in Toowoomba

Brendon Smith 16/11/2015
Smithy TGW

I have been asked this question a thousand times since making this amazing rematch between ‘The Hermanator’ Herman Ene Purcell and Paul Gallen on January 29, 2016.

Why Toowoomba? Why not Brisbane? Why not the Gold Coast Convention Centre? Why Rumours International? Why not Clive Berghofer Stadium in Toowoomba? How will you fit everyone in Rumours, have you approached TV, who is going to televise this?

These are the questions I get asked all day in conversation, by email and by phone. I even had a very prominent business man try to buy in on this fight and offered to back the whole show if I took it to the Gold Coast. Yes, I may make big money on this fight if I take it to these venues and cities, yes it draws and would fill the Gold Coast Convention Centre or even the Brisbane convention or entertainment centre and yes Rumours is limited to 1500 people, but of course it should be shown on TV.

TV is welcome to join us for this great event, the Fight of the Year in Australia for 2016, in our beautiful city Toowoomba. This is why! There is more to life than all of the above. I will help Toowoomba grow. I will help promote our beautiful town. I will give back to the town that has supported me through good times and the ongoing love and support for myself and family at this present time. I will stay loyal to Toowoomba for this fight as Toowoomba deserves this fight as does Rumours International. This fight will help our new Airport, hotels. This fight will help shops, businesses etc. The worldwide media will again bring attention to our wonderful city – The Garden City.

I have kept the sponsors packages the same price, I have kept the Ringside ticket price the same price. Why? Because Toowomba does not deserve this fight to be taken away from it. Toowoomba people should also not be made to travel or have to watch it on TV if it was to go anywhere else other than Rumours International.

Well it is more than just a venue to me, it is home and family. I have staged many fights here, won many title fights here with our boxers and Jimmy Aspromourgos has been very good to me through the good and the bad. Rumours International is where my son Brayd Smith won the World WBC Youth Title and is where he had his last fight. After he lost his life, I made a decision to continue and The Great White’s name was added to Smithy’s Promotions and we are now proudly known as Smithy’s TGW Promotions. Brayd was a very special special young man who was loved by all. The support of the community, the love from all and me trying to be half the man my son was is the reason why.

This fight is going nowhere else other than Rumours International, Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia. And I hope all that join us – the visitors who travel to our town enjoy our hospitality an take in the sites of our beautiful city, the Garden City, Toowoomba. And of course be a part of the 2016 event of the year ‘The Hermanator ‘ Herman Ene Purcell vs Paul Gallen 2!

Brendon Smith