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Home » Ellerbe: Mayweather built his own brand, no PPV stars overnight!

Ellerbe: Mayweather built his own brand, no PPV stars overnight!

Ellerbe, who was once again by Mayweather’s side when the pound for pound threw his last punch in September, gave a stark warning to those attempting to following in his footsteps.

Mayweather, 39, retired on 49-0 having made ten figures during his title-laden career and Ellerbe is convinced that is will take a huge amount of work by any fighter to even get close to matching those feats.

“You don’t become a PPV attraction overnight and it takes years of making that happen. There are many factors and few have succeeded,” said Ellerbe. “If it was that easy anybody could do it, but most have no clue how difficult it is. It’s a big difference being a star in boxing and having star power.

“You better have one hell of a ride or die team also. When most were hating we were working, when most were sleeping we were working.”

He continued: “Floyd beat everyone in his era, became a global superstar, changed the game, brought incredible visibility to the sport and most still hate (on him).

“All the fighters (these days) are getting record purses and it’s because of him. Tons in and around sport got opportunities because of the awareness. The money is up across the board, and yet most continue to hate on him. You can’t change history, he earned everything he got by hard work

“Love him or hate him, he’s a genius. Beat everybody put in front of him and busted his ass by his hard work and dedication.

“Floyd built his own brand, gave back to help so many others and he left with all his faculties. More importantly, he left with the bankroll!”

Rumours Mayweather could eventually agree a 2016 rematch with Manny Pacquiao have bee consistently denied by Ellerbe and his team, whilst there’s a huge portion of boxing personnel who firmly see ‘Money’ returning in the future.