Watch: What if Rocky Balboa v Ivan Drago really happened?

Phil Jay 12/11/2015
Rocky Balboa Ivan Drago

MGM Studios

A parody has been produced mimicking the successful ESPN series ’30 for 30′ around the fictional 1985 bout between Rocky Balboa and Ivan Drago.

The fight took centre stage in the fourth movie of the ‘Rocky’ franchise and saw the USA go up against the USSR in a Cold War super-fight.

Following the death of friend Apollo Creed at the hands of Drago, Rocky bids for revenge on the Russian’s home soil in a frosty Christmas Day battle that changes opposite opinions.

Taking over $300m worldwide and written, directed and starring Sylvester Stallone alongside then unknown Scandinavian actor Dolph Lundgren, ‘Rocky IV’ has long been celebrated as one of the more recognisable films of the six made so far.

In the short documentary, the likes of HBO’s Max Kellerman, ESPN writer Dan Rafael and Hank Pierce of The Philadelphia Enquirer take part in a well-thought out and produced skit.

The latest instalment of a new Rocky spin-off named ‘Creed’ is due for release in the US this month and worldwide in December.