Gallen v Purcell II finalized for January 29

TGW & Smithy 12/11/2015
Smithy TGW

IT’S ON! JANUARY 29, 2016, Rumours International Toowoomba – the re-match. Herman Ene-Purcell vs Paul Gallen, five rounds at heavyweight.

“I would like to thank Paul Gallen and his manager David Riolo for accepting the re- match,” Promoter Brendon Smith said.

“This will be the event of the year in Toowoomba in 2016. To have the captain of the New South Wales Origin team Paul Gallen to fight in our city against one of our own is a huge thing.

“We will be taking pre-sales for tickets for 10 or more only from 12pm tomorrow at SMITHY’S TGW GYM, call 0746 378 298 or 0418800878.

“We also have sponsorship packages available so if your business wants to be a part of this mega fight in our city call me on the mobile 0418800878.

“Ticket prices will range from $55 to $95. This promises to be one of the biggest sporting events in Toowoomba’s history. It’s been a busy few days of negotiations, but I thank Paul’s manager David Riolo for his assistance in putting this one together.

“The first bout between Herman and Paul is still a fight people stop me in the street and talk to me about. It had a bit of everything, the re-match promises to be even bigger. Toowoomba has been a big supporter of boxing and we have wonderful loyal and passionate fans – they deserve to see this fight,” Smith said.

Now that the contracts are signed, sealed and delivered Herman Ene-Purcell has his wish. He has his chance to square the ledger.

“I’m really excited about this one,” Ene-Purcell said. “A big thank you to my manager and trainer Brendon Smith for making this one happen and a big thanks to Paul Gallen for accepting.

“I’ve made no secret of my desire for a re-match with Paul Gallen for a long time now. The first fight was a great experience but I didn’t get the result I wanted.

“I scored a knock down in the first round but I wasn’t able to finish the job- this time I believe I can.

“January 29 is going to go down in history as one of Toowoomba sports great events and I’m humbled to be a part of it.

“Since our last fight I know I’ve improved, I know Paul has improved so it’s going to be a great fight,” Ene-Purcell said.