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Home » Exclusive: Wilder can ‘definitely see Fury winning’ versus Klitschko

Exclusive: Wilder can ‘definitely see Fury winning’ versus Klitschko

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The 30 year-old, who is currently 35-0 with 34 stoppages, has been linked to fighting the winner of the November 28 contest and is sure that the all-reigning Klitschko will be tested by the undefeated Briton.


“I definitely don’t see this fight being one-sided and I can definitely see Fury winning,” the American exclusively told World Boxing News.

“If he’s done all the right things and he takes this fight seriously. Doing what he’s got to do as the younger, healthier guy, because Klitschko is getting a lot older now and his body is tearing away from itself.

“I can see a new champion arriving, but again it’s all going to depend on what mentality and what dog they bring with them to that fight, that night. That’s what is going to boil down to.”


Fury aims to become the first challenger in over a decade to defeat the veteran Ukrainian following an impressive run to mandatory status with the WBO, and despite Klitschko being stopped in the past, Wilder pointed out that both men have question marks against them.

“We all know that Klitschko’s chin has been tested throughout his career and he’s been knocked out, but then with Emanuel Steward he was taught to keep his distance and space, which he has done very well.

“Since that happened, nobody has really ever touched Klitschko’s chin with a proper punch, so the question is; ‘can Tyson, who is the taller guys and with longer arms too, touch that chin?’ – Which he should be able to do a couple of times.

“Once he does that, the truth shall reveal itself. Does Klitschko still crumble with punches? And does Fury not knock him out or even drop him on the canvas? – Tyson Fury has the ability to be able to do that.”


Moving on to Fury’s potential weaknesses, Wilder added: “So on the other hand, you got Tyson Fury who is known to be knocked down by even the smaller guys and punchers. So what happens when Klitschko lands? – As he is going to hit him, that’s for sure – we know that.

“Fury has proven that he doesn’t have the best of defences. He going to get touched, he’s going to get hit, but what happens when he gets hit and goes down? Because we know he’s goes down, so will he get back up like he did against Steve Cunningham, the smaller guy?

“That is the big question and that’s what makes this such an interesting fight.”