Exclusive: Wilder discusses Fury’s ‘Batman’ presser antics

Fury, 27, dressed up as Batman before getting to grips with team member dressed as The Joker at the official London leg of a two-city tour to promote his world title clash with the four-belt champion.

Shortly after the event, which went viral on the back of Fury’s performance, Klitschko postponed the fight for just under a month due to injury meaning the pair will finally meet on November 28 in Germany.

Wilder expects to be right in the mix to face the winner of this month’s encounter and believes Fury would be fighting a losing battle if he tried a similar stunt for any future contest between the pair.

“I didn’t see the press conference, but I heard about it,” Wilder exclusively told World Boxing News.

“That kind of thing wouldn’t affect me because I’d find the humour part about it and probably start laughing, you know.

“When I go to press conference and stuff like that my mind is already made up for what I want to do or what I’m going to do to my opponent in the ring, so whatever he says or does it not going to knock me off my game and I’m already focused by that point in time.

“I’m ready to do what I got to do and would just find the sense of humour in it all, but I think it’s good entertainment though.”

Questions were quickly raised about the timing of Klitschko initially delaying the fight, although Wilder wouldn’t speculate on any underhanded tactics on the part of the Ukrainian and is looking forward to watching the pair eventually square off.

“I can’t speak for Klitschko as I’m not him and I can’t speak for him. I also don’t know Fury’s strategy and whether he thinks this is a joke or he’s not taking it seriously.

“I suppose it could mess around with Klitschko’s head that this guy has so much confidence that he thinks he’s going to beat him and maybe that did affect him, but like I said I can’t speak for him and we are all going to find out when they fight,” said Wilder.

Wilder himself is eyeing a return on January 16 before a stipulated mandatory clash with Alexander Povetkin, who recently impressed with a final round stoppage of Polish giant Mariusz Wach in Russia.