Gallen offered a further 10k to face ‘The Hermanator’

TGW & Smithy 09/11/2015
Smithy TGW

PAUL GALLEN HAS ANOTHER 10,000 reasons to reconsider a 4 round re-match against Toowoomba’s Herman Ene-Purcell in the garden city on January 29.

A new offer has been presented to the New South Wales State of Origin captain this morning – $50,000 plus a third of the Tv revenue generated from the bout.

Promoter Brendon Smith made an initial offer of 30,000 last Friday – which was denied. The offer was then increased to 40,000 on Saturday and it was also declined.

“The offer now stands at $50,000 dollars,” Brendon Smith said. “Four rounds right here in the garden city for a re-match.

“Since we made our first offer my phone has rang hot – not only from people interested in the bout but from venues across Queensland.

“There has been strong interest from the Gold Coast and Brisbane to stage this re-match.

“But this one is for Toowoomba – we have such a loyal fan base so right here in our own backyard is where we want to host this bout.

“The first bout between Herman and Paul had a bit of everything, from knock downs to punches after the bell.

“Herman has wanted this re-match from the day after the first bout.

“He knocked Paul Gallen down in the opening round but Paul came back and won the bout.

“If we get the re-match we firmly believe Herman can square the ledger. Toowoomba deserves to see this fight.

“I’ve made the offer to Paul Gallen’s camp this morning – now we await their response.

“After finding himself on the canvas in their first bout does Paul really want to go face to face with Herman Ene-Purcell again?

“We will know the answer within the next 48 hours. We’re ready to go, the money is on the table.

“Herman will be in the blue corner, will Paul be in the red?

“That’s Paul’s decision,” Smith said.